Gifting Starter Kits of Eco-Friendly Bags to Delis

Hello, Hello, Lovelies, this campaign ended 24 hours before Valentine’s Day ’24 & it has been our Atlas pleasure to cr8 this Love Seed 2gether over the span of 90 days. You will soon get updates about how this baby will grow, once we plant it. Meanwhile, everything stays the same on the website – so, take a tour to understand the concept, the mission, the purpose, the dream, the legacy, or however else you’d like to call it …  maybe ‘the good game’ ; ) which by the way, is ongoing & you can play it! Yay! Thank you!

May ’24 Update -> to make the story short, not much money has been raised (around $700) and the expenses were high, however, some bags were still purchased and tries have been made to find a deli that would (1) accept the gift AND (2) promise to align with the active ban on plastic bags.

Did not find such a deli, so the attention will be switched to the other side of the small stores counter – the New Yorker, the tourist/ the customer!

That being said, the bags will go as gifts to the people who do the scavenger hunt in person!

Wondering why? Well, a good number of foldable tote bags were gifted so far without hunt participation, and many recipients did not understand their relevance & do not keep the bags on them at all times. When asked, “Where is your foldable tote bag?” the most frequent answer was… “At home!”

Thus, it has been decided they should read the hunt to understand why these bags are important, and why their small actions are equally important, as well.

“It is just a plastic bag” is never the right statement to make. Please click here to watch a short telling video.

Just like this video is 14 seconds long, the foldable tote bag must weight 14 grams -> meaning that we are looking at a short telling video, and at a very light, barely perceivable, yet extremely meaningful bag.

The recipients of these foldable bags understand from the hunt material that the best way to wear them, or the Ideal Recipe is the following -> hang them folded around the belt area or purse/backpack, and keep them on at all times!

That way, people will never be caught empty-handed at check out, and they will advertise the concept each time they are out and about. These bags were nicknamed Compassionate Earth Fashion because they should be worn at all times, just like any other Fashion Accessory! However, unlike most fashion that we wear to keep us warm or to make us look good, these are not only practical, serving us, but they are also 100% serving the planet!

This is a crowd funding campaign launched on November 15 ’23, on the one year anniversary since the world population became 8 billion!

Donations will go to buying starter kits of reusable bags which will be gifted to a few NYC delis interested to make the switch from offering free plastic bags to selling reusable ones. The profit will be theirs to keep & will allow them to buy more eco-friendly bags.

Highest 24 donors will receive one hand painted t-shirt each. One type is inspired by the pigeon in the video, and one is a quiz. The answer will be revealed after the campaign is over, however, not right away. Stay tuned!

Other donors will receive one collectible hologram pendant from the 80’s per person – see tiers & donate on the campaign page.

Regardless if they don8 or not, everyone is invited to nomin8 their deli under the pinned deli post on Instagram @WeAreAtlas238

Delis can nomin8 themselves.

Let’s Make It Happen!


To get this started, the persons who attended the event called The 8 Bi11ion Month ’23, Real Love, Simple Action on 11/11 Make a Wish Day & made a comment under the pinned Instagram post showing the embellished mannequin can redeem one of these rare, collectible hologram pendants if they don8 as little as $8 each & do one act of Real Love, Simple Action (if they feel like).

That action could be anything – from one tree bed care to starting to use a travel mug (since paper cups are not recyclable; check out the Aware Animals meme for inspiration).

Aside from that, others who see the mannequin in person can get a pendant for $24 each, on the spot, if they do a donation. First come, first served!

63 pendants will go to 63 lucky people that way, and more will be mailed to the first persons who donate $100 or more – find details on Fractured Atlas.

These are rare, collectible pendants from the 80’s. They are very catchy, unique; they are iridescent & they even come with a message. It is up to you to decipher it; and that will be very easy since these pendants are a great conversational piece, thus an ice-breaker! You need this ; )

The 8 Bi11ion Month ’23 Real Love Simple Action held on 11/11 marks one year since we became 8 billion people on Earth.